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da Vinci Prostatectomy is the #1 choice for treatment of localized prostate cancer in the United States, and is rapidly being chosen by more men, as well as their doctors, worldwide. da Vinci Prostatectomy is a minimally invasive, robotic-assisted surgical procedure that removes the cancerous prostate gland and related structures. The board certified physicians at Michigan Urological Clinic in Grand Rapids, MI are specialty trained in da Vinci procedures. [ learn more ]

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  • ABC News Profile on da Vinci Surgery
    New research suggest doctors will perform better with robotic assistance. [ View video now ]
  • Data shows clinical advantages to robotic surgery
    With a 3-D view and greater dexterity, the da Vinci surgical robot offers many advantages.
  • Rethinking Prostate Cancer in Older Men
    Research suggests aggressive treatment is viable, even for patients in their late 70s. [ Read more ]
Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Hear from the patients who have experienced da Vinci® surgical procedures.
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da Vinci Surgical System

da Vinci® Surgical System

da Vinci® overcomes limitations of both traditional and minimally invasive surgery.
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